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Marley Electromontajes was born under a premise to meet the demand for industrial services in the Northeastern states of México

Basically, what sets us apart from the rest is our unique combination of three factors, extensive technical knowledge, personalized attention and customized prices. That is our formula to achieve highly satisfied customers.

We have the mission of carrying out our clients’ projects with the highest possible quality through integral solutions.

Design Supply and Installation of Industrial Ventilation Project Line 2. El Carmen N.L.

Design and Construction of Engineering Offices Phase 1. Parque Industrial Stiva.

Design Supply and Installation of Dust Collector Anti-Spark System and Duct Flange Fuser Center.  Parque Finsa, Guadalupe N.L.

Construction of 40 Sites for Cellular Telephony Including Civil Works for Antenna, Electrical Work and Site Finishing. Región Noreste y Noroeste.

Design and Manufacture of 30 Fixtures for Industrial Welding.Parque industrial Avante, Guadalupe N.L.

Shot Blast and Paint Line Equipment Installations. Pesqueria, N.L.

Complete Pneumatic and Electrical Installation of Moulding Line. El Carmen, N.L.

Design and Construction of 25 Square Meter Sound Enclosure for Vibratory Equipment.  El Carmen, N.L.

Pneumatic Line and Compressor Installation of Stamping Plant Equipment for Truck Assembly Plant. El Carmen, N.L.

Installation of Electric Hoists in Injection Molding Line. General Escobedo, N.L.


Design, Supply, Manufacture and Installation of Industrial Ventilation System from Welding and Shot Blasting Machines. Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

Design and Office Construction and Structured Mezzanine. Parque Industrial Stiva.

Electromechanical Installation of Multicooler Equipment. El Carmen N.L.

Rent of Machinery and Surveying Service Expansion Project. Parque Industrial Nexxus, Cienega de Flores. N.L.

Outdoor Lighting Replacement. Parque Industrial Ciénega de Flores, N.L.

Construction and Remodeling of Main Entrance of Truck Manufacturing Facility. El Carmen, N.L.

Construction of 4000 Meter Parking Lot at Truck Manufacturing Facility. El Carmen, N.L.

8000 Meter Roof Maintenance and 6000 Meters Facility Painting Services. El Carmen, N.L.

Design and Construction for Truck Washing Station , including Civil Work and fabrication and erection of steel structures.  Monterrey, N.L.


“For us the trust of our customers is the main thing”

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